• The concept of managing the max of 4 towers and limited towers placed based on how many power stones you have was actually pretty fun and challenging. I didn't realize how limited you were from looking at videos and gifs. It made the gameplay pretty intense.

    I really like using controllers so I used steam to bind the controls to an Xbox one controller.

    D-pad & left stick arrow keys

    left trigger Q
    right trigger W
    left bumper E
    right bumper R

    Y button T
    A button space
    start button escape


    • at first, I was like oh this stinks the towers block my path. Then I learned to use it as for my defenses.
    • I understand the automatic boomerang but might be cool if you could charge it up or something for a powerful attack
    • finding the secret passage was very cool. I loved the puzzle-like element of using the towers/traps
    • would be nice to have some visual indicator when charge dash is ready ( i didn't notice one )
    • the level that introduces the flamethrower ( so many enemies getting hurt at once gets very loud lol, might wanna limit sounds )
    • the level difficulty seemed to spike up quite quickly, maybe just b/c I'm a newb. I know this is just a demo.
    • I like the timer indicators on the enemy huts. and I saw they do crumble when they are done. but I felt like in the chaos of everything I wasn't sure when a wave ended and the next one started, especially if the action I was focused on wasn't near a hut or the hut was completely out of the view of the camera. I am thinking the main thing to help with this would be a really distinct audio indicator.
    • I dunno how you would do this but it might be nice to somehow know what the next enemy in the hut will be. the reason for this is when you're doing one trap type then all the enemies change to flying you don't have much time to react so the first time you might die, and then you have to remember to change to ranged tower/traps.

  • @Barret-Vasilchik thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and feedback! 🙂

    Here's my comments:

    • We plan to add control support and will consider that control scheme as the default mapping.
    • Charging the boomerang is a cool idea, we'll consider adding that in!
    • We plan to add more puzzles, exploration, and story in the future.
    • We will make sure it's apparent when the dash is ready, I too look at the bottom right and it's annoying to do so.
    • We'll make sure the sound effects have proper limits so they do not stack and become loud or annoying.
    • We'll make it more obvious when a wave ends and the next one starts. In general, I think we have a lot of work to do in regards to conveying incoming threats or when the battlefield changes.
    • We plan to replace the red spawn progress circle sprite with an icon for what creature spawns next (it will still act as a timer).

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