Deployables Do Not Update Outside of Dwerve's Observation

  • Version: v.0.0.18
    Platform: Windows 10

    Off-screen deployables (turrets) will take no damage from enemy mobs, nor do they do damage. However, they will continue to attract the mobs. This can easily been seen on the 3rd and 4th wargboar dens in Brekka Village.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Defeat the first two dens to gain access to the 3rd and 4th Dens to the north.
    2. After the cutscene, immediately run to one of the dens and place a turret down (not a trap).
    3. Immediately run to the other den located on the other side of area.
    4. Stay within one or 2 squares as you kill the den. Be sure not to recall your original turret.
    5. You will notice the wargboars from the other side never come to you.
    6. Wait as long as you like, the wargboars will not come.
    7. You can either recall your turret, which will send all the wargboars running to you OR
    8. Walk back toward the wargboar den. You will notice they are still fighting your turret, but it will die quickly as you enter frame.
      This means that neither the wargboars or your turret were doing damage all that time, but it was attracting their attention.



    You can notice other oddities with the arrow turrets where you can have them engage mobs, then run the mobs away and kill them. If you walk back to the arrow turrets, they will still fire a shot because they had not updated until you entered frame and were still targeting the now dead mobs.

    It may be a separate issue, but animations are also not run outside of Dwerves' view. Most notable with traps because of their long respawn time, you can spawn a bunch of traps, walk far away and recall them. Wait however long you would like, then walk back into frame. You will see the animation of all traps despawning.

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