Build 0.0.15 Feedback

  • Hello everyone,

    I've won an alpha access to Dwerve a few days ago so it's time for my personnal Feedback !
    I will make it short.

    The Pros:

    • The Graphics, illustrations and animations are really greats.
    • The game mechanics & potentials, I'm a fan of tower defense and mix with dungeon crawler make it perfect.
    • The story seems quite simple at the moment and that's why I like it so much !
    • Music & sound effect are great.
    • The "levels" are well designed.

    Things a like less:

    • The curve of Difficulty, the first 10 minutes of the games are easy, you learned how to place your turrets and bring enemies to them. And then after going to the north in quest of the troll's head my nightmare begins. the game become way too difficult for me, I'm dying, dying, and dying again. And even after finally complete the level I'm only rewarded by a small health potions.
      and then the nightmare start again against those littles gobelins.
    • I Think that maybe The game should give us more time before releasing enemies. so we could analyse the environment and place our turret.
    • placing turret is pretty hard, it sometime appears in front of the characters, sometime under him. I would love to be sure were the turret are gonna be placed.
    • I feel like the turret are too weak. Maybe we should get a Taunt Turret with a lot of health to tank the monsters at the beginning to balance the difficulty .

    In Conlusions:
    The games Have a huge potentials and exploit it very well, The graphics and sounds are great. the games is too difficult at the beginning for me. I dont feel being rewarded by the games.


  • Thanks so much for the thorough feedback. We're actively working to improve the difficulty. Balancing the battles has been one of the more challenging aspects for us. Adding more time before a garrison spawns enemies is a great idea that we'll try to get in soon. We also plan to add an indicator showing where a turret and trap will get placed. These probably won't be in the next build, but know they're on our task list.

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