v0.0.14 testing notes

  • Responses to patch notes
    I didn't know about a number of these bugs, nor how to replicate them, so I didn't test everything, but here's comments on each bullet from the patch notes:

    • ☒ Fixed rare bug where garrisons did not get destroyed
      • Fixed, I think
    • ☐ Fixed hero emojis not showing
      • (Didnt’ test... don't know what this means)
    • ☒ Fixed the health potion in the brewery disappearing after the dialogue
      • fixed
    • ☒ Removed turret tutorial sprites from all battles in 1.3 except the first
      • Tutorial sprites should maybe wait to disappear until you build a turret on or nearby the location, rather than when you get close to them.
    • ☐ Fixed bug where player could lose input control by pausing when the screen fades in
      • (Didnt’ test)
    • ☐ Fixed bug where player could gain input control by pausing and resuming during a dialogue
      • (Didnt’ test)
    • ☒Fixed health bar not updating
      • fixed
    • ☐ Fixed a bug where you could enter a building through the walls in the village
      • (Didnt’ test)
    • ☒Fixed being able to walk on water in some locations
      • Fixed
    • ☐ Fixed the blood drop not stopping after getting healed
      • (Didnt’ test)
    • ☐ Fixed text bug where capitalized letters were not visible
      • (Didnt’ test)
    • ☐ Fixed Sla not moving when restarting from certain checkpoints
      • (Didnt’ test)
    • ☒ Updated dialogues to teach how recalling turrets works
      • It seems a little slow to trigger, but it works
    • ☒ Updated the controls menu to include the dash controls
      • Looks good
    • ☒ Updated the intro so the player dies more quickly
      • Seems the same to me? Maybe he just has less health?
    • ☒ Improved the cutscene flow for when Arik gives Dwerve the boomerang
      • much better
    • ☒ Improved enemy stats and battle design
      • The village worgboar section feels more appropriate for actually needing both towers, but it may be a touch too hard now for new players. I’d maybe split the difference on their attack damage boost, or make sure there’s a potion lying around somewhere in the town.
      • It also seems like turrets die too fast now. slightly weaker enemy attacks could solve this. If turrets can survive longer, the recall speed of gems might not need to change, as someone else suggested
      • I like the new battle segment / map design near the end of the Snoring Forest (the W shaped part). It made me think about what I was doing, and when it switched to bees, I almost lost because I didn't think about the implications. It’s also the first time I’ve ever needed to use the dash. Haha
      • Arrows and boomerangs have bad aim, especially for fast enemies. I think they should anticipate enemy movement better.

    Other thoughts
    Here's a few things I noticed/thought about while testing this version:

    • If holding recall shows what tower will recall, maybe holding the build key of a tower should show where it will build?
    • Ooo, armor?? (does it do anything yet?)
    • The “main menu” option should have a confirmation before quitting. I accidentally quit and had to restart.
    • The leaf pieces that come out of pine trees don’t match the color of the tree
    • There may need to be some sort of indicator (sound effect, on screen text, etc) when completing a section, so the player knows they can relax, recall, and move on if they can’t see the wall from where they are.
    • It can be hard to tell when you’re close enough for the boomerang to work. Not sure what would make it better (I might just need to get used to it)
    • Oo! A little puzzle! fun!

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