Dialogue Not Cleared On Restart

  • Version: v.0.0.13
    Platform: Windows 10

    If you die during dialogue or restart the level without concluding it, it will still remain up when the level re-loads.
    This is an issue because movement is returned to you and other dialogues will not trigger, allowing you to bypass sequences, similar to the issue with returning to menu and back during dialogue.

    Camera Pan sequences must behave differently and WILL stop you. You then need to get out of the dialogue to let the camera pan in order to continue.

    Steps to recreate:

    1. Start any dialogue without finishing.
    2. Die during Dialogue or restart the level.
    3. Start moving around. You will no longer trigger any other dialogue sequence until you finish the current sequence on your screen. UNLESS you hit a camera pan sequence.

  • Still an issue as of v.0.0.14

  • Hey @BreadSlice, thanks for the report. This should be fixed in v0.0.15.

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