Chapter 3 Checkpoint Skips

  • Version: v.0.0.13
    Platform: Windows 10

    I found 2 more sequence skips in Chapter 3. PART1: The first is you can beat the "Mud" rising up to block the log at the very first checkpoint using a dash. PART2: The check point after that can be completely skipped. You can walk up to the next blocked log and there is another checkpoint. Then, restart from that checkpoint to skip all the mobs in that middle "key area".

    Steps to recreate Part 1:

    1. Start chapter 3.
    2. Walk until you hear the sound of the rising slime hive.
    3. Dash toward the Spy
    4. Run past the hive before it rises.


    Steps to recreate:

    1. Just keep walking. Walk until you hit the next block.
    2. Restart from checkpoint. Mobs are gone.
      However, I do not think there is a way to return and get the key/coins since they are gone.
      I'm not sure how the checkpoint system will be used down the line, so I thought I would point this second part out.

  • Hey @BreadSlice, thanks for the report. This should be fixed in v0.0.15.

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