Dwerve 0.0.13 Playthrough (Video) & Feedback

  • Youtube Playthrough (don’t worry, it’s hidden)
    Sorry my voice is a little quiet in different parts of the video. I’m still tweaking volume controls while recording myself. The good news -- if I don’t mention it below, I’m just “thinking out loud”, and you can probably ignore me.

    Intro & Snoring Forest

    • 1:15 - text intro is decent. A little long, if no sounds or visual aids exist.
    • 1:30 - I didn’t say this, but I like the new location popups
    • Snoring Forest thoughts:
      • I really think you should start this section with Dwerve talking to himself to set it up, e.g. “So this is it, huh? The Snoring Forest? Doesn’t seem so bad… I’ll find you mom…”
      • Once the player is trapped: “oh no! I’m trapped! HELP! SOMEBODY!”
      • Fade to black before the player dies, and maybe before taking damage.
      • Once the screen is black, the sound of enemies dying and attacks being dished out would communicate someone came to your aid.

    Level 1

    • 2:45. BUG - I switched to gamepad after initiating conversation with Esben, then once he was done, the whole thing was triggered again. Possibly because I switch to gamepad in the middle of it.
    • 3:25 - I like the swaying trees, the grass, the wind, etc. Said this before. I’ll probably keep saying it.
    • 3:45 - If dwarves are slow, and therefore need turrets, maybe the dash ability doesn’t make sense?
    • 4:43 - some players will get confused here if they build the turret in the wrong place. Either force the turret to only build where shown, or have Esben teach placement and recall mechanics first, before moving to specific locations.
    • 6:28 - (talking to my wife. Ignore me. I thought I muted my mic first)
    • 6:55 - I like the new spawn icon visuals. Easy to read, and communicate an inactive spawn / waiting spawn well. Could even get rid of the round timer marking.
    • 7:51 - BUG - standing on a monster spawn causes funny chaos. May need to rethink spawn collision detection. E.g., if they work the same way towers do, and not enable collisions until you step off of it. Also, If I didn’t get forced out, I would have been stuck from my own tower as well. (which could be solved with recalling, of course)
    • 9:15 - I still find it easy to misplace towers. You guys seem averse to any unneeded button presses, but maybe “queuing” a tower with the first press, which shows where and what you’re going to build, and building it with the second button press would be a suitable change.
    • 9:40 - the dash recharge indicator seems too subtle. Maybe Dwerve should flash white when it’s ready?
    • 10:18 - minor bug - “forgot to recall” indicator was nice, but I had already pressed recall when it popped up.
    • 11:10 - pondering collision detection, as stated above at 7:51
    • 11:27 - I like the “beehive nests” art.
    • 11:54 - trying to kill spawns/nests with towers. Could be a cool mechanic?
    • 12:00 - whining about not having anything to do while towers attack. Moments like these I WANT a button to mash, weapon to use, etc, to fill up space. Or really, just something to do. It doesn’t have to be a weapon. Repairing towers with button mashing would even be something.
    • 13:00 bug - potion disappears
    • 14:35 - fire looks more like fire, but it doesn’t seem to fit the art style very well. Also, it should glow.

    Level 2

    • 14:45 - new spawn area is nice. Could even spawn closer to the steps
    • 15:03 - flower spider monster surprise spawn is really nice. More of those should happen.
    • 15:25 - snoopin for a secret. Don’t find one.
    • 16:25 - fire in the town looks pretty good.
    • 16:28 - I remember I can build two towers now.
    • 17:15 - weapon popup should happen before panning to all the nests?
    • 17:20 - I realize the game is showing me where all the nests are. I didn’t understand what was happening, since I was focused on the weapon
    • 17:37 - even with the auto-boomerang, the player still has nothing to do while waiting for towers to do their thing. (refer to 12:00)
    • 17:50 - forgetting where to go
    • 18:00 - realize boomerang only throws if standing still. This does provide some degree of interest / tension for me, since it punishes moving around. That tension will be more obvious on more difficult sections. So at least having nothing to do has a benefit.
    • 18:50 - this segment feels a little too easy? Also, there’s no need to use two turrets in this level, which doesn’t re-emphasize how nice it is to have two.
    • 20:00 - I don’t know where the Chief is. Lol. I’m not sure if objective markers would be a good idea or not, but it would have helped me there!
    • 21:00 - thinking about different button layouts
    • 21:28 - I like the dark forest transition

    Level 3

    • I’m already back in the snoring forest? I got strong fast! (or something)
    • 22:00 - long respawn time - feel like I have nothing to do.
    • 22:40 - The segment at 21:41 already taught me the use of crossbow turrets. You should remove these hint markers
    • 23:00 - arrows are too slow?
    • 23:20 - I like the key vibe
    • 23:40 - collision bug
    • 23:55 - thinking about dash mechanics. Doesn’t seem useful yet. Curious what you have planned with it.
    • 24:35 - are wargboars intentionally too fast for crossbow turrets? If not, the turrets should anticipate enemy movement a little better, feels broken.
    • 23:58 - I DO like the boomerang. It just doesn’t solve the “problem” I was trying to address with wanting a weapon.
    • 25:00 - this whole segment feels like an appropriate challenge
    • 26:23 - I realize how powerful having a narrow choke is. I feel invincible
    • 26:40 - beehive bug?
    • 26:50 - I DEFINITELY don’t need these clues anymore.
    • 27:14 - I’m stuck?... oh, nope.

    Level 4?!?

    • 29:00 - ooo…. Looks like a fun challenge ahead!
    • 29:20 - effectively teased. Fun stuff! Appreciate you involving me!

    Final Thoughts

    • If you devs decide you like the game with the auto-boomerang and decide you're not going to add a more active weapon approach, I'll leave it alone and stop talking about it. I already feel like i'm over-stating the nit a little. I'm just trying to provide my honest thoughts.
    • Excited for more!

  • Aviox, I know my response is long overdue, but I just went through this video and feedback again. We have addressed some of these since while others are still on our to-do list. With the Kickstarter keeping us quite busy, I don't anticipate we'll be able to get to some of these until later this fall. Nonetheless, I truly to appreciate your thorough notes and feedback and just want you to know, we do plan to address these eventually!

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