Build V0.0.13 Feedback

  • First i want to say that this game felt amazing to play through (even though there is some bugs and stuff) its such a relaxing game with everything from sound, art and even the little tree animation this game is really like nothing else and i cant thank you guys enough for letting me be a part of this. Anyways on to the feedback/my experience

    I liked

    1. The art, man it's such a beautiful game
    2. The sound/music, the birds, the peacefull music. And the enemy warning music really lets you know that something is coming
    3. The story, its a very simple and easy to understand story
    4. The tutorial, i like the way you learn the controls, even though i was a bit confused that it was the arrow keys when i initially had the wasd ready
    5. The TD mechanics i really like the whole Place down turrets thing, but i do think that there should be a punishment for a turret to be killed (maybe you lose the power stones)

    I didnt like

    1. The very beginning was very confusing (Dwerve clearly died there). And when the scene shifts to the house i was like "Oh it was probaly a nightmare" I think there should be something during the first forrest scene that indicates the dad saved him
    2. There isnt any need for those "recommended turret positions" beside the very beginning where you learn how to use turrets

    Maybe there could pop up an info box (just like when u get a new turret) but when you meet new enemys fx "Beefaries can fly on top of water"

    I hope this was atleast a little helpful

  • TheLuxyNator, I'm revisiting old posts I read, but never replied to. We have since addressed these issues, except for the intro. The intro where you die intentionally is a bit better, but I really need to take the time to properly implement a more narrative solution. Sorry for the late reply and thank you for taking the time to test our game and provide feedback ❤

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