Game Typos

  • Version: v.0.0.13
    Platform: Windows 10

    In starting house, Grandpa's Workbench is "ranpda's Workbench".. or if randpa is a character, it needs to be capitalized.

    During the first "Bee" encounter, after you kill the first hive and approach the second, you will see a dialog about leaving your turret behind. "ops" needs to have an extra o to Oops.

    In the first chapter, when talking to the cat like creature in the house, huh shouldn't be truncated. Even as slang, its impossible to truncate "huh" (I tried for a good 5 minutes)

  • In Chapter 3, when you approach the health potion all the way to the south, the character does not capitalize the first word in the sentence, Health potion! A little pedantic, but looks strange. (Missed the screenshot.)

  • Sla's conversation when you first meet him, he inconstantly capitalizes "Gnoblings", unless you refer to the informal one for a singular, and captialized as the race as a whole?

  • Thank you for the report! This should be fixed in v0.0.14. Oops.. Except for "hu." I just fixed that one. So that will be in v0.0.15.

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