Build v0.0.13 Feedback

  • I'll use this for things that aren't really bugs.

    1. Some kind of warning/popup when hitting "Main Menu" that the game will be rest would be nice. I've done it twice by accident (thought I was testing things with the UI).

    2. Have version number be visible within the game menu somewhere? If I didn't know what version of the game I was using, I'd have to return to the start screen and lose my game.

    3. You are able to take damage while in dialogue with an NPC. I assume the design is to never have an interact dialogue when people are talking, but maybe freeze the game while the dialogue is up? Or at least add a quick escape so you do not need to run through the entire dialogue.

  • BreadSlice, revisiting old posts that I read but never replied to. I added the confirmation to the main menu buttons that leave or restart the level, but I still need to get to the other two, but that won't be until later this fall unfortunately. Sorry for the late reply and thank you for always testing our builds so thoroughly ❤

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