Softlock Brekka Village + regain control over dwerve glitch

  • Version: v.0.0.13
    Platform: Windows 10

    Steps to recreate

    1. enter the village normaly (deafeating all the enemys opens the gate)
    2. walk onto the bridge
    3. As soon as the cutscene starts playing pause and unpause the game again (This restores your control over dwerve and allows you to spawn the nests of enemys early)
    4. So place 1 or 2 towers on the bridge to stop enemies who will continue to move in the cutscene from killing you (You need to do this before the text start I think)
    5. Congrats once the villains are done talking and the enemies are dead you are stuck. You can however walk around and up to the villains they have no hit box of course. There are also static enemies above the north wall blocking you. They are supposed to move in after the villains walk away.

    Extra this glitch also works while in dialog. Simply pause and unpause the game to regain control over dwerve and move around

    I can not include my log since it doesn't let me do this but I have recorded a clip of it in action

  • I like how you can kill the archers if you do this.


    I used this to get out the door in the beginning as the father unlocked it, before it was blocked by the old man. Also to drink the potion during the conversation with the cat creature. Nothing too exciting.

  • Yeah it doesn't do anything to help the player really but it's good fun and has potential to be broken

  • Thank you for the report! This should be fixed in v0.0.14.

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