Build 0.0.13 Feedback initial playtrough

  • Alrighty then I finished the build just now and with things still fresh In my mind I'll tell you all about it.

    Firstly I think the game is awesome, I see so much potential for this being a difficult game (Wich I love), later on you'll really have to play your cards right in order to progress.
    Didn't encounter much bugs on my first playtrough, but I think that's just me not doing stuff I probably shouldn't, so I'll give the game a couple more plays later where I'll be trying to do some stuff differently. I'll definitely keep notes of that.
    Maybe I'll even record it all (If I can remeber)

    Some things I like:

    • The game looks amazing!(props to the artists)
    • Placing the turrets feels and getting the enemy's to target them feels amazing.
    • In terms of difficulty it feels right. I think this is a good point to ease the player into the gameplay loop.
    • The story is decently interesting

    Some thing I dislike

    • I don't need the visual hint on where to place the turrets. I mean doing this once is alright but isn't it kinda the point to figure turret placement out yourself? Maybe consider removing that.
    • Esben just having the turrets and power stones seems a bit too "Oh look player I am plot point!" if you catch my drift. I feel like it needs a better explanation (e.g Esben is a former warsmith himself, maybe show a short cutscene? Idk I'm not a game designer so I don't know if that would work)
    • I felt like destroying everything that looked breakable yet the game didn't let me (This is kinda a joke, but also not really)
    • The game gives me potions but no way to use them (Am I missing something here?)(Not that they're needed)

    Maybe I'll think of more stuff later, but for now that's everything
    Thank you for letting me be a part of this alpha, I'm looking forward to helping out more and to getting to play the full game eventually

    -Loki The Shady Spirit

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