• Found a soft-lock at the start of the game. Had to restart level

    Version: v0.0.13
    operating system: Windows 10

    steps to reproduce:
    1.After waking up in dwerve's house and talking to Esben, Don't follow him outside
    2. Continue pressing 'a' (I'm on a controller) it will talk to Esben despite not being near him. Do this until he eventually stops talking to you
    3. This will cause the gate to close locking Dwerve out.
    4. Leave Dwerve's house.
    5. Congrats you are now stuck!
    6. Restart the level

    I'm sorry I'm missing premissions to include my player log file

  • To add onto this, if you get in this situation, you can "stop" the interact key being solely focused on Esben by talking to him from just outside the fence at the following location. Once you talk to him from "interact" range, hitting the interact button will no longer always talk to him.

    This probably means that even if interact control is corrected to the right radius, you may still end up in the same "stuck" situation if you talk to him from this position, with the gate closing.


  • As predicted, in 0.0.14 you can still get stuck by interacting with Esben as directed in the post above. You would have to go out of your way to do it, though. But, you are stuck unless you restart.

  • Hey @BreadSlice, thanks for the report. This should be fixed in v0.0.15.

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